Character, Comfort, Cure

The BackSaver™ MB-2020 Zero Gravity Recliner places you in a zero gravity position with your legs elevated above your heart and your body weight evenly distributed across your spine. Lie back and feel your muscles relax as the stress is reduced around your spine and lower back.

The Lumbar Heat Pad and Vibration Massage functions will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in just 15 minutes a day. These advanced feature scan promote better sleeping patterns, relaxation, a healthy spine, boosted immunity and lower stress.

The BackSaver™ MB-2020 Zero Gravity Recliner is the complete zero gravity recliner chair available in black, ivory and espresso fine soft leather upholstery.

Inbuilt Vibration Massage

Vibrations can help blood circulation and promote relaxation as a result of better blood flow. Vibrations can also improve postural control.

Lumbar Heat Pad

The Lumbar heat pad gives a warming sensation to relax and improve blood flow in the area. The localised heat can help soothe painful muscles and add extra relaxation to your experience.

Easy Reach Remote Control

The BackSaver™ MB-2020 Zero Gravity Recliner Chair comes with dual control functionality. Recline to the perfect position by using either the control panel built into the armrest or the Easy Reach corded remote control.

The BackSaver™ MB-2020 Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Stratospheric Comfort

Zero Gravity in style with soft leather to rest against and heat or vibration at the touch of a button. Both the backrest and neckrest can be adjusted independently.

Smart Touch Control

Reach Zero Gravity in one touch of a button. Smart heat and vibrate functions will automatically pause when adjustments are being made.

Perfect Support

Comfortably sit in an upright position and stand up with ease. Perfect neck and back support is provided by high quality cushions in these areas.

Take the Load Off

The BackSaver MB-2020 will alleviate pressure and strain through your back and legs helping you to recover from injury or everyday stress.